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DoubleStar Blades DoubleStar Knives AHAB-X


Inspired by the epic characters written in Herman Melville’s novel, Moby Dick, the Ahab-X was built to empower holders to hunt down wickedness with all the tenacity as the Captain himself.
DoubleStar Blades DoubleStar Blades Kodiak Axe


The Kodiak Axe is made of 52100 Carbon Steel for enhanced wear resistance coupled with removable splitting attachments to improve weight & add cross sections to improves splitting under camping conditions with a rear strike face is suitable for hammering.
DoubleStar Blades DoubleStar Blades Fang V3 Knife


Meant to be your next utilitarian EDC, the Fang was born with everyday carry (EDC) in mind.
DoubleStar Blades DoubleStar Knives PathSeeker Knife


In the world of bushcraft, functionality and indestructibility are the name of the game. The Pathseeker possesses strength in all places needed in the field; chopping power, grip comfort, and unique ferro rod striker placement for ease of fire starting.

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