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Ruike Ruike Jager F118


The Ruike Jager F118 is a large and sturdy fixed blade beast of utmost quality.
Ruike RUIKE Knife F815 Hornet, Orange


RUIKE Knife F815 Hornet, Orange. Great for EDC, Survival kits, hunting and everything in between.
Ruike Ruike P108-SB, stainless steel handle, flipper, safety lock


Crafted almost exclusively of Stainless Steel, this simple yet elegant knife is of utmost quality. The neatly stonewashed metallic body is complimented by little details making this an exquisite EDC pocket knife.
Ruike Ruike Jager F118-B, Black


Ruike Jager F118-B, Black
Ruike Ruike F815-B, Black


Ruike Hornet F815-B, Black
Ruike Ruike Trekker LD43, rescue knife


Ruike LD43 is a professional quality knife/tool combination designed for demanding outdoor and rescue situations. Trekker LD43, rescue knife, one-hand operation and lockable blade.
Ruike Ruike P801-SF, Blue & Silver


Ruike P801-SF, Blue & Silver
Ruike Ruike P661-B, Black


Ruike P661-B, Black
Ruike Ruike P138-W, Desert Sand


Ruike P138-W, Desert Sand
Ruike Ruike P108-SF, Blue & Silver


Ruike Knife P108-SF, Blue & Silver
Ruike Trekker LD11-B


Trekker LD11-B, Each LD series knife is fitted with a pocket clip and a tungsten steel glass breaker making the knife ultra-portable and super practical for emergency situations.
Ruike Ruike M195


The Ruike M195 is well outfitted and versatile in both everyday outdoor and rescue applications.
Ruike Ruike P852-B


RUIKE Knife P852-B With sufficient blade thickness and properly re-curved long edge with a bulked out belly, the P852B shows great ability both in piercing and slicing.
Ruike Ruike P851-B


P851 shows great ability both in piercing and slicing. For added dependability in outdoor or tactical uses, the P851 is secured with Thumb Up safety lock to be more reliable in protecting users.
Ruike Ruike S11-B, black


RUIKE Knife S11-B. Available in black or green.

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